"Recipes are a must-have tool when effective marketing and communication are crucial for business and personal success. Paula's wizardry outperforms all of my five decades of communication course work!"

Shirley Koritnik - Air Apparent

"What if we could go into every conversation with our charisma in place? What if we could get others to ask us the right questions? What if we could know how to master the art of driving a conversation with the end destination clearly in mind? What if we actually had a checklist of ground rules for finding our whether or not we even want to pitch to someone?

A Recipe for Conversation teaches all the steps to make communicating and selling an artful, fun, engaging dance."

Pam Budner - What Matters Most

"I've had my own business for a number of years and flitted from one idea to another with little progress. Why? Because, like most network marketers, I didn't have a plan, other than to talk to anyone and everyone.

When I was introduced to 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning I was both shocked and delighted! Shocked that I was never taught how to run a business and delighted to finally have a professional plan. I'm forever grateful to Paula and her books - a must have if you want to run your business like a professional."

Mary Cook - Loving Purpose

"In a little over a year I have gone from running a business haphazardly to owning a viable business as a professional woman. The face, body, and soul of my work is now grounded with a strong foundation because of the 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning. I exhibit a confidence when with clients or just out in public that was lacking in the past. By firmly planting my feet on the ground, defining who I am and what I want my business to look like, identifying my target market, clarifying my resources and putting a plan of action into motion, my business has now grown with solid customers and partners. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for you and your coaching."

Suzie Sunkel - Blooming Sassy Marketing

"When I met Paula many years ago, I didn't have a clue about how to create an image, what a target market was, the value of a database, and so much more. Paula's brilliance and experience gave me the confidence and professionalism that I'd badly needed and didn't know how to achieve on my own"

Barbara Madorin - Kindred Spirits

"I've been involved with the same manufacturer for over 40 years. After I had gone through all of my friends and family, I didn't know what to do to build my business or what to do with my customers. I did call them every month for their orders, but that is all i knew to do until I met Paula. She taught me how to develop my customers by having scheduled activities. She helped me to create newsletters, postcards and a personalized letter to use as my primary marketing tools. She taught me to focus, built my confidence, and encouraged me to take action. Her 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning is invaluable."

Jane Cox - Dance the Dream

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