5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning

5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning is the foundational guide used by 21st century entrepreneurs to set up and drive their marketing strategies. Revised and updated to meet the needs of the growing entrepreneurial market, this book gives step-by-step instructions for building a business that brings the strength of experience to the vision of the future. 

5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning


    "What if we could go into every conversation with our charisma in place? What if we could get others to ask us the right questions? What if we could know how to master the art of driving a conversation with the end destination clearly in mind? What if we actually had a checklist of ground rules for finding our whether or not we even want to pitch to someone?

    A Recipe for Conversation teaches all the steps to make communicating and selling an artful, fun, engaging dance."

    Pam Budner - What Matters Most