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The opposite of remarkable

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the opposite of remarkable?

Dull, uninteresting, unremarkable...

How about very good?

Seth Godin is known for his table turning concept in Purple Cow when he explains that 'very good' is invisible. That is the level of service and product people expect to experience without having to complain about it. Or rave about it.

Dinner was very good. 'nuf said. The thing works like I expected. Who cares.

Once in a while we get something remarkable. You know what I mean now, right?

Remarkable is intriguing, and memorable. Worth mentioning.

For many entrepreneurs and small businesses, the first thing your prospect sees is your Image. Who are you? Does your logo and design look professional? Does it look like you are seriously in business?

So the sample logos here are the difference between very good and remarkable.

Before working with my company, everyone one of the businesses behind these logos had business cards/stationery/logos that were cookie cutter right from the manufacturer.

The same manufacturer. ALL of them looked exactly the same except for their own names. Very good if that's all you've got. But IF you want to stand out in your marketplace, you can't look the same as everyone else. There's just too much competition. Invisible is expensive.

Coaching with Paula is an opportunity to discover who you are, and why you do what you do.

Using the proven, step by step formula of 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning, you can transform from very good to remarkable. From conception to fruition, we can help you with design, copy, and print for all your marketing needs.

Visit our website for more info on the coaching programs available.

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