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The Emotion of Money

Winning the lottery! Sounds like Happiness. Getting a bill for unexpected taxes due the IRS. Certainly something to cry about. A big sale usually stirs up Joy and Pride. Canceled appointments leave us feeling Disappointed and Rejected. Money left over after the bills are paid. Wow, that is true Satisfaction and Peace. Not enough money to pay the bills on the other hand gives us reason to be Fearful and Insecure.

In most encounters with money, we not only feel the emotion, we also personalize it by being the cause and effect of the money that comes and goes or doesn't come. It's somehow all about us.

I often hear people ask the question: "Do you know anyone who needs extra money?" What is 'extra' money anyway? When does the 'extra' part kick in? Is that over and above poverty level? After you've paid all your debt? Once you buy the second house in the country? It's funny, for as common as that question is, I don't know that I've ever met anyone with 'extra' money....

And I think that is partially because we keep ourselves bound emotionally by the money in our lives. On any given day, I can tell the energy of my clients by how they are experiencing the abundance in their lives. If they are feeling restricted or doubtful the energy is low and cautious. Sad and worried. When they experience bounty, they feel powerful and strong. Our conversations open to new ideas for expansion and success.

When we experience success we are more likely to believe success is possible ~ again. When we experience restrictions and financial difficulties it is easy to believe that we are bound for more trouble.


If we practice the art of bliss and satisfaction in ALL circumstances are we more likely to attract and handle money more profitably?

Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt. Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench. Care about other people's approval and you will be their prisoner. Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity. Lao Tzu

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