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Reservations and obstacles

"I'm wondering how this is going to fit into my current schedule." Reservation. "I just don't have the money to invest in a new business right now." Obstacle. How can you learn to tell the difference between reservations and obstacles? One good way is to set clear objectives and rules of engagement at the beginning of every proposal.

Typically, reservations are the kinds of things that come up during the stages of an interview process or sale once the objective and rules have been established. They usually come with natural conversation as we lead our prospect in discovery about their interests and needs.

Objections or obstacles come up when the pitch is made too soon or when the rules were never clear.

Learning to set up your recruiting and sales conversations in such a way as to avoid the obstacles and achieve your objective is the key to mastery of Communicating and Selling Effectively. Each stage of your conversation is vital to the whole. From your entry into the encounter to the clear and graceful exit, execution of each step for driving a conversation is essential.

There are 8 simple rules. 1. Personal Charisma 2. Rules of Engagement 3. Setting your Objective 4. Creating Agreement 5. Acknowledging Similarities 6. Driving the Conversation 7. Agreement and Decision 8. Graceful Exit

A Recipe for Conversation is the guide for successful communication.

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