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No More Recruiting

I'm intrigued by the news about big MLM companies struggling because they promote growth in sales through sales force expansion. Recruiting, in other words.

Somehow the art of building a distributor database has become a 'bad' thing to do if you want to escape the MLMer patina of misunderstanding. It's only ok to get customers? Is that it?

Another thing I find curious are surveys that report most people think they don't need sales training to be successful in Network Marketing. It's all about telling your story. Right. And I do totally believe in the power of a good story. But what is it that makes a good story?

Has the business of Direct Sales become so misunderstood that we have to tell people there is no recruiting and no sales in order to attract them?? Isn't that something like telling a heart surgeon there isn't going to be any blood?

So what if you really want to be successful in building an international team of partners? Here are 3 simple rules;

1. Make sure you can tell YOUR story as the key component to establishing your integrity and plan. It's not the manufacturer (entirely). It's not the patents on the products (entirely). But it can be entirely dependent on your charisma, your business plan and your ability to engage and sustain the desired relationship.

2. Be clear about your objective. Plan to attract others who are on the same path; smart, passionate, committed people. A clear objective can help quickly reveal the short and long term compatibility of new partners. That concept extends beyond an immediate 'upline/downline'. It's about all of your partnerships. Every connection has the link to the next connection. Setting your rules of engagement with intention can make those connections all the more powerful.

3. Become educated and practiced in your art. In a business where a person has the potential to earn income on personal group sales and on an extended sales force, acquiring skill and confidence in communicating and selling can have a direct impact on the income potential. Treating any entrepreneurial venture with glib can be not only risky but a bold waste of time and resources. Which in turn, in the circle of business, impacts YOUR story and your ability to establish your integrity and plan.

Hi Paula, Just a note to let you know how much the training has impacted my life and business. I feel this is the most important part of our training in achieving our goals. I look forward to growing using this model in a new direction. In the last three years I have tripled my income. I look forward to participating in future trainings with my team. Just a note of appreciation. Suzanne Finkeldie, Endless Summer Marketing

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