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Can we change other people or not

The power of creation. What is it and what role do we play, if any, in the circumstances around us. In particular, are we creating the way other people behave?

Where does my creation begin and end? Where does yours begin and end?

Can we impact the people in our life in such a way as to CHANGE their course of behavior?

What if THAT is the purpose of our words; To use them to bring out the best in all of life around us?

To speak and to see the best in everyone is to use our power to create good. To use words in a provocative and ill tempered way or mean spirited intention is using power in a negative way. Even worse; carelessly.

It is how we interpret our experience, that ultimately colors our emotions. so different words and sounds, and volume usually represent different emotions. Think of a friendly whistle. A whisper. A shout of victory.

Much of those emotions are learned.

Experience, impression, emotion, belief, behavior.

If there are people in your life who've had a series of experiences where bad impressions and deep emotions have created beliefs and behaviors that are totally contradictory to yours, it does not mean YOU have created that scenario for that person. Nor is it your job to fix it.

However, if you are someone in their life who supports or encourages, consciously or unconsciously, the behavior you don't like more than you support and encourage the behavior you DO like, there is the risk of perpetuating the bad behavior.

By being conscious of our responsibility and the power of our words, we can ignite our potential power for good. And CHANGE.

It's the being conscious part that requires practice and discipline. Usually to get the ball rolling, WE get to be the power of good in our own life first.

"I AM that I AM" The most powerful words. The name of Divine Creator. And a direct reference to self. Coincidence? I don't think so.

The key to changing others is to live into the change we see. Live it now, just as you want it to be. Choose words carefully, so they always represent what you DO want. You are telling the story of your life. Every day, every minute. to yourself, to your family and your friends.

What has to happen for us to live our life from the perspective that everyone has the full potential to be their absolute highest and best? How would your words be different?

When everyone comes together with the specific intention of bringing out the best in life, our words and the power of our intention does evoke change. In ourselves and in the people in our lives.

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