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A message to myself

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God."

I love to contemplate this verse. I have spent my life studying the power of words and how the careful construction of our language can determine the outcome of many things; business, relationships, our financial status, our self esteem and how we see the world.

This week I've been very specific about my affirmations. I have carried them with me. I've stopped listening to my ipod while I'm walking. Now I listen to me. Praising, loving, seeing my life unfold exactly as my Creator intends. Partnering WITH my Creator to carry out my heart's desires. Calling into being all that I am.

Amazing. The noisy chatter has stopped. The nervous energy around 'what if' has changed to a subtle confidence around 'what is'.

For now, my affirmations are still a bit like writing in the sand. The day comes and goes like the surf washing them away. I know this will take practice to penetrate my subconscious mind.

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