"Your perspectives, Paula, are a gift to us."

Carolyn - Barefoot Possibilities

Getting Started

Are you just getting started? Or maybe still thinking about your options as an entrepreneur?

Strategic coaching can help you identify your strengths, goals, and resources so you are more likely to be successful and less likely to waste time and money.

3 - 50 minute sessions on the phone with Paula will help you identify your objectives, and give you the basic plan for getting started.


In these sessions, you will:

  • Complete your Punchlist for Getting Started

  • Establish basic Image concept

  • Receive personalized introduction script/letter/postcard design

  • Receive a copy of 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning

  • Print Bonus - 100 personalized postcards

Building the 5 Steps

If you've been in business for a while, you may have some established customers and/or partners.

You may have had enough success to believe you are on the right track. But now what? 

How do you keep the ones you have, while continuing to fill your pipeline with new prospects? If you are ready to build on what is working by adding a marketing plan to keep it alive, putting together your 5 Steps plan is the next step.

6 - 50 minute sessions on the phone with Paula using the 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning will give you the solid foundation to move forward with confidence.


In these sessions, you will:

  • Receive a copy of 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning and A Recipe for Conversation

  • Develop Image design and logo concept

  • Define target market identification

  • Set up financial and personal budget commitment

  • Create basic plan of action for 1 year

  • Begin topical calendar concept

  • Receive website, email campaign, and direct mail design concepts

  • Print Bonus - 500 personalized postcards

Call/text today to get started. 


"You are amazing. Our call this morning was fabulous. I continue to learn and benefit from your magnificent communication skills. Your ability to really listen and take the conversation to the right place, never wavering from the original intention, is like listening to Bach. All the lines come together perfectly. I am so luck to have you in my life."

Pam - What Matters Most

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