Coaching with Paula

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The first thing to consider in deciding about hiring a professional to help you with your goals, dreams, obstacles, and plans is whether or not you will actually be able to use the information you receive. Will this help me to get where I want to go? Right? 

Paula is one of the best coaches because she has done and is doing everything she can teach you how to do. She knows it works. She wrote the book on it (5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning). And she has helped thousands of others. 



Many people believe they're going to have to get uncomfortable in order to make a change. "Get out of your comfort zone" is grossly popular. Working with Paula gives you someone who brings knowledge, insight, humor, and a powerful spiritual understanding that opens the door to becoming all you are designed to be. IN your comfort zone. She will listen. She will help you hear yourself. And you will hear her voice encouraging you long after you've hung up the phone. A personal muse, mentor, and friend just for you. 


Adweek says: 81% of shoppers conduct research (online) before buying. That means people are searching. They know what they want and they are using technology to facilitate their shopping. 

The bad news is, you have some serious competition. Try it. Google one of your ideas for a marketing message and in 3 seconds or less, you'll know just how many other people are trying to market the same idea. How you distinguish yourself in the marketplace is serious business. Paula will help you find your way in the maze, give you samples and ideas from others to inspire you, and will be there every step of the way using her proven methods of marketing and communication.