5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning

5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning

A Recipe for Conversation

A Recipe for Conversation


"Required reading for every entrepreneur!"

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If you want to earn money selling a product or service, your two main jobs are marketing: getting the prospects, and selling; turning those prospects into assets. Though marketing and selling seem similar, as they are so closely connected, they are distinctly different skill sets. Each has its own components for success. All components overlap and are interchangeable.

There are many strategies within the possibilities.

That's the part that makes it overwhelming and complicated.


Knowing what to do, when to do it and what to say all add up to a full time job that requires constant management. Or inertia. Even if you manage to get all the pieces working together, obstacles arise. That's just the nature of the planet.

It's the trick of overcoming the obstacles that makes success possible.

If you have no structure for the process of overcoming obstacles, you may find yourself stuck.

  • Do you have a specific plan for your business to run on autopilot?

  • How easy would it be for someone else to benefit from what you've built?

  • Do you have a specific Net Value that you are working towards as part of your financial plan?

You may not even realize the potential value of what you are building if you are still wrestling with how to make it work in the first place.

5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning has 5 Steps.
A Recipe for Conversation has 8.

If you put the two together you will have the 13 Key Elements
specific to the tasks of Marketing and Selling.

By simply lining up these 13 key elements, you will be able to identify the root of every obstacle and overcome it.

That bears repeating:

By simply lining up the 13 key elements, you will be able to identify the root of every obstacle and overcome it.

It's easy. And you can do it right now.

Remember, this works for anyone who gets paid to do the marketing: getting the prospects, and selling; turning those prospects into assets.
If you own your own business, then turning those prospects into assets is a big deal. It affects the money you make right now, and the value of what you are building for the future.

All prospects are liabilities until they become assets. Every penny and moment you spend marketing you are investing in the cost of each and every name you add to your database. If you want the highest return on that investment, overcoming obstacles is the most effective way to make sure that happens.

Tools, tools, tools - there is NO shortage of TOOLS that you can use to market, sell, and communicate your message to prospects and customers. New tools are offered every day. GREAT tools. The problem is, most entrepreneurs pick out their tools BEFORE they know what their plan even looks like. Websites, print materials, stationery, social media, advertising etc. are essential in many marketing strategies. Investing in those tools and not knowing how and when to use them decreases your return on that investment.

Putting together your 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning will give you the foundation and preparation to use those tools most effectively.

Thus, getting the best return on your marketing investment.

Now that you've gotten the prospects, then what?

So often leads do not capitalize because of obstacles in communication. If we don't know what to say and when to say it, it is difficult to turn our prospects into long-term assets. A Recipe for Conversation contains 8 specific ingredients that will improve your communication skills in all of your relationships. You can learn to pinpoint exactly where you are experiencing obstacles and the specific key that will overcome it.

Based on over three decades of experience as a business coach and personal mentor while building and developing a business of her own, Paula makes it easy to be successful doing what you love. 

Order your books today and receive a FREE sample pack of postcards and rackcards to inspire your marketing campaign. 

"Paula is a gem. She is a true artist.

She is articulate, creative, and

respectful of her client's needs and

resources. A Recipe for Conversation

is the missing link for anyone

planning, starting or running a

business. It is a major piece of the

puzzle in the plan for success.

This is one of Paula's masterpieces."

Suzanne -  My Endless Summer Marketing Group

"I asked myself where would I be without this book?

When I think of what Paula's coaching and her brilliant 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning mean to me, I'm so grateful her knowledge and graciousness have given me a plan to follow in my craziness of life. After being in business for many years and trying many avenues to be successful, this has been a balm to soothe my entrepreneurial soul. I now know what to do on Monday morning! My business now has direction and a path to follow that is making success happen easier and with more confidence. My business is more organized and fruitful than it has even been."

Patty  - Airs Above Marketing

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